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The Science of Philippine Foods

The Science of Philippine Foods

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By Arroyo Staub

In this book Philippine foods refer to both the indigenous foods as well as to the widely accepted non-indigenous food items introduced by visiting or conquering nations in the Philippines’ colorful history. This is the first publication which discusses foods such as rice, duck eggs, carabeef, tinapa, coconut oil, bagoong, patis, bangus, edible bird’s nest, goat’s meat, banana, mango, avocado, makapuno, panutsa, refined cane sugar, carabao milk and kesong puti. Some of the non-indigenous foods included are wheat, evaporated milk, leche flan, bihon, mayonnaise and cheddar cheese. This book was prepared mainly as a textbook in Experimental Foods or Experimental Cookery and as an important reference book for the student in Food Chemistry and Food Technology. Staub’s students have been deprived of a textbook in these subjects because of the scarcity and prohibitive cost of foreign books which were then the only one available. Besides these foreign books were in many parts irrelevant to the students’ needs.

The book may be valuable to the practicing food technologist, nutritionist, food service manager, food engineer, agriculturist and home economist. Any food enthusiast may also find it an interesting reading material. To the non-Filipino reader, this book may be a good source of information about tropical foods. The glossary includes the scientific names of Filipino terms for plants and animal food.

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