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The Marcos Dynasty

The Marcos Dynasty

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Between American business, organized crime, the CIA, the Pentagon and four White House administrations, Ferdinand Marcos was able to maintain his iron grip over the Philippines for over two decades. During this time the Filipino lawyer-turned-President and his First Lady, Imelda, accumulated vast wealth and transformed the islands into a gaudily-masked criminal hub.

Brutality and sordidness went hand in hand, yet it was only after “people power” toppled the Marcos dictatorship in 1986 that the world learned the true extent of their depravity. That, and of Imelda’s 3,000 pairs of shoes and bulletproof brassiere. In investigating figures known for manipulating histories and facts to suit circumstances, Sterling Seagrave untangles a web of truths and untruths to reveal the hows and whys of The Marcos Dynasty. It is an account rivaling the richest of political thrillers… and is all the more compelling for its veracity.

  • Author and Publisher: Sterling Seagrave , Sterling Seagrave (1988)
  • Condition: Used, good condition, no markings, with dust jacket / Hardcover
  • Language: English
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