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The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines: Ferdinand E. Marcos

The Democratic Revolution in the Philippines: Ferdinand E. Marcos

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All the efforts which made these new conditions in the economy possible have been motivated by the passionate desire, amounting to an obsession, to restore to the common citizen the human dignity that neglect and abuse had taken away from him for countless years.

The New Society in which Filipinos live today may be described as their emancipation from an old society whose hallmark was injustice, the supreme injustice in which equality of opportunity was withheld from them by an oligarchy that appropriated for itself all power and bounty.

The New Society is in fact a revolution of the poor. By means of it, Filipinos today are attempting, through disciplined vision, to make the rewards of their labors and the fruits of their resources available to all. By means of it, they are walking out of a stupor filled with Walter Mitty fantasies, the opium of the oppressed and underprivileged. To share together in real life is the heart of democracy. Accordingly, the New Society is democratizing the wealth of the nation, striving to move democracy from cloud to hovel.

  • Author and Publisher: Ferdinand Marcos, Prentice-hall International (1979)
  • Condition: Used, fair condition, no markings / Softcover
  • Language: English
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