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The Aristocrat Stories Since 1936

The Aristocrat Stories Since 1936

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Edited by Nancy Reyes Lumen

There are several ways you can enjoy this book. Walk through the quaint patches of historical anecdotes contained in Felice Sta. Maria’s article on Peacetime Manila. You can dig into your own dining experiences at Aristocrat and relate with the personal memories of our guest writers recalling Aristocrat moments with family, friends, classmates, exes, bosses, colleagues, celebrities, lovers, balikbayans, and OFWs while wishing your future grandchildren will still be liking the dishes that you relish and have their own wholesome remembrances.

This commemorative book celebrates 80+ years of good old-fashioned traditional Filipino ways of dining out and hopes that Aristocrat will still live on as part of the pop culture of the future generations. Retro is in, classic is forever.

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