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Tadhana: The History of the Filipino People (A Set of 4 Books)

Tadhana: The History of the Filipino People (A Set of 4 Books)

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Embark on an intellectual journey through Philippine history with "Tadhana," an ambitious historical project conceived under President Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970s.

This set comprises Volume 1, "The Formation of the Barangay States," which chronicles the socio-political structures and cultural tapestry of pre-Hispanic Philippines. Complementing this is Volume 2, "The Formation of the Colonial State," an exploration of the transformative Spanish colonial era, detailing the changes and legacies of Spanish rule.

Though the "Tadhana" project was curtailed after these two volumes, its significance endures. It offers a nationalistic perspective, curated by eminent historians and scholars. Each volume is a resource for scholars, historians, and collectors.

The rarity and scholarly value of these volumes make them an excellent addition to any serious collection of Philippine historical literature. "Tadhana" stands as an effort to articulate a cohesive and comprehensive narrative of the Filipino experience. This set not only enriches the understanding of the past but also inspires a deeper appreciation of the cultural and historical identity of the Philippines.

  • Author and Publisher: Ferdinand E. Marcos, Ferdinand E. Marcos Foundation, Inc. (1980)
  • Condition: Used, good condition, no markings, with dust jacket / Hardcover
  • Language: English
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