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History of the Filipino People (8th Edition)

History of the Filipino People (8th Edition)

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By Teodoro A. Agoncillo (Author)

"Agoncillo is no believer in objectivity. at least in the sense that names-and-dates historians interpret the word... He is refreshingly opinionated in a profession that is often namby-pamby for fear of arousing controversy. anger. or organized crusades which. if he depended for his living on an institution less liberal than the state university. Could mean his expulsion from the classroom. 
Shorty after The Revolt of the Masses came out. an effort was made in certain quarters to link it with what has since been called legal and parliamentary Communism. The academic witch-hunters failed. but they will doubtless try again after they have read Malolos which. more effectively than The Revolt. projects Agoncillos overall view of the Philippine Revolution as a struggle between the Haves and the Have nots." -- Emilio Aguilar Cruz, critic, essayist, and editor, The Daily Mirror
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