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Heritage Dishes of the Philippines

Heritage Dishes of the Philippines

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By Lady Camille de Guia (Author)

Filipino food is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Beyond balut, more people all over the world are experiencing Philippine cuisine through adobo, sisig, sinigang, kare kare, lechon, and other dishes that give a glimpse into its diversity and history.

Heritage Dishes of the Philippines, from the Referencia series, explores the geographical context in which Philippine cuisine was built and the developments in history and the cultural influences that shaped Filipino food and foodways. 

This book looks into what goes on behind the most loved Filipino dishes, providing insights into the sensibilities that make up Filipino cuisine. It takes a closer look at typical everyday Filipino meals and special holiday fare, along with the customs and meanings attached to cooking and eating that define the cuisine. 

It features recipe interpretations of popular Filipino dishes along with information on the background, common ingredients, and variations of each dish. Finally, the book inquires into the future of Filipino food as it gains traction globally. Issues such as authenticity, standardization, and conservation are also touched upon.

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  • Year: 2022
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