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Food Tour: A Culinary Journal

Food Tour: A Culinary Journal

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By Claude Tayag

From the author’s website: Travelers may visit a new city and appreciate its history, architecture and sites, but they cannot claim to know a people until they have appreciated their cuisine. Food and culture are so intertwined that the characteristics of a people are readily uncovered by the quirks in their eating habits. The American cowboy culture is reflected in their passion for a good steak; the Singaporean penchant for cleanliness is apparent in their squeaky clean hawkers; the Japanese emphasis on discipline is exemplified even in the way they prepare and present their sushi, sashimi, Wagyu beef, etc., while the Chinese practice of feng shui is evident not only in the arrangement and decor of their homes but also in the way they serve and slice their fish and eat their noodles. Filipinos? We are a barrel of quirks that to describe our eating habits would take an entire book!

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  • ISBN: 9789712718328
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  • Year: 2006
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