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Fabian De La Rosa and His Times

Fabian De La Rosa and His Times

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 By Ana Maria Theresa P. Labrador (Editor)

"This book fills the gap in the history of Philippine art. Unaccountably, our cultural writers have neglected Fabián de la Rosa, though he dominated Philippine painting-a
both practitioner and teacher--in the first third of the twentieth century. It was the home-grown Fabián de la Rosa-rather than the European-trained Juan Luna and Félix Resurrección Hidalgo-who brought to fall flower the indigenous tradition of"vigorous genre pictures and elegant portraits" that had flourished in the nineteenth century. It is the exuberant and romantic Fernando Amorsolo who represents this era in the popular imagination, but a painting like Planting Rice (on the cover) shows off the crisp virtuosity of Fabián de la Rosa's more austere palette. The publishers have done Philippine art history a signal service." -Juan T Gatbonton, writer and Palanca awardee

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  • ISBN: 9789710723881
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  • Publisher: UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum
  • Year: 2007
  • Language: English
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