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Cockfighting in the Philippines

Cockfighting in the Philippines

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Published in 1982, this second printing trade paperback spans 218 pages, complete with illustrations and in-depth chapters on various aspects of the sport.

This book includes a detailed introduction by Congressman Ramon V. Mitra Jr., providing context and significance to the practice. Lansang's expertise, drawn from over half a century of experience, is evident throughout the chapters, covering topics such as the history and cultural significance of cockfighting, principles of breeding, gamecock conditioning, and the art of heeling.

Key chapters delve into the rules of the pit, the roles of referees and heelers, and the intricacies of matching and tailing gamecocks. A glossary of technical terms translated into Tagalog makes this a valuable resource for both novices and seasoned enthusiasts. The book also offers historical and cultural notes, reflecting on cockfighting's roots in Southeast Asian culture and its evolution in the Philippines.

Conditioned for both legal and illegal cockfights, the book discusses the different types of knives used, betting practices, and the roles of various participants in the sport. Lansang’s rules and insights make this book essential for anyone interested in understanding the deep-rooted tradition of cockfighting in the Philippines.

  • Author and Publisher: Angel J. Lansang, ()
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  • Language: English
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